News Release: Lifelong Educator and GrandMom Shares the Secret to Getting Children to Nap with Whimsical Picture Book

News Release: Lifelong Educator and GrandMom Shares the Secret to Getting Children to Nap with Whimsical Picture Book

NASHVILLE, Tenn., October 21, 2020 — Little ones having trouble settling in
for that much-needed afternoon nap? The truth is everyone could benefit from
a little midday break, but children might be more into hearing that message
from a whimsical, rhyming picture book rather than a nagging grown-up. In
The Nodders: What! You Don’t Want to Nap? (Beaver’s Pond Press, March
2021), author Tina Huggins shares the story of The Nodders, magical creatures
who leave special treats for children while they sleep.

“With magic shoes whirring and tiny wings flapping a Nodder will peek in to see if you’re napping,” writes Huggins. “Then out of the pocket comes a small treat or treasure tucker into your NapPouch, for your waking pleasure.”

Proven by three generations, Huggins shares her go-to tactic for getting any child to not only nap, but look forward to napping in their own bed each day. The charming pictures and fun rhymes by the adorable Nodders are sure to make a child’s eyelids a little heavier—or at least score grown-ups some quiet time.

“I was one of four children and napping was critical to give my mother a break from the chatter so she told a story about “The Nap Fairy” who left treats if we took our after lunch nap,” says Huggins. “I had three children very close together, and quickly realized my mother’s genius and used her method to great success. My daughter has a son who never liked to nap so we told him the story and he has napped for seven years. I decided to pass on the success for napping with a creative story for children around the world!”

Huggins is available for interviews and can discuss:

Child refuses to nap? Try this

The no-fail routine to turn even the most resistant napper

3 reasons why naps are crucial for children

The important role naps play in childhood development

About the Author:
Tina Huggins is passionate about teaching, technology, and creativity. She began as an elementary educator and found her love in technology education. Apple Computer selected her as one of sixteen prestigious national trainers, which encouraged her to complete an MA in Educational Technology. Her unique insights into early literacy contributed to the successful launch of LeapFrog, School Division. As an entrepreneur, she had a successful inspirational-message cookie business, SwapThoughts. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Mark. She has three children, two bonus daughters, and two grandchildren. Tina writes for her blog, For more information visit

About the Illustrator:
Brian Schmidt has been lost in the magical world of drawing since he was kid, creating mazes, castles, and creatures galore. He found his calling as an illustrator after his career in architecture left him wanting more time to be creative. From there, the idea for an illustrating business was born. Now, he happily spends his days continuing to get lost in the worlds and characters he creates, and hoping they bring a little magic and whimsy to other people. He lives and works in the
Twin Cities in Minnesota with his wife, Sara.


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